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We have been helping the body heal itself with superior, full-body adjustments for over a decade. Our healing hands have worked wonders for a variety of clients – from professional, amateur, and collegiate performance athletes to adults, seniors, teens, children, and individual patients of all body types and lifestyles. We focus on your individual needs.

Our personalized care helps you return to total wellness. Through our experience we have taken our talents and capabilities to new heights of success and implemented the comprehensive care using the most up-to-date practices and technology.


Established in Carmichael, California since 2008, Dr. Deb is a full-body chiropractor and extremity specialist. Having graduated from Life Chiropractic College West in 2004, Dr. Deb spent three years in performance medicine, supporting a training facility to top professional athletes in the Bay Area. She has worked with professional athletes from the NFL, NBA, Motocross, MLB, PGA, PAC-10 as well as Gold Medal Olympians. She went on to establish her own office where she still supports athletes, as well as an ever-expanding diverse client base in the Sacramento, California area.

Whether you are a professional athlete, a weekend warrior, a yoga teacher, a soccer mom, a business professional, a student, a child, or just a child at heart, Dr. Deb is passionate about providing the best treatment to you and your family.

We look forward to meeting you and hearing your unique story…


Beware! Follow Proper Chiropractic Aftercare

Aftercare following a chiropractic adjustment is more necessary than you realize. Your body has adjusted and will need to recover. You may feel a little achy or tired. You may also feel more thirsty than usual. Please follow the following aftercare instructions to make the most of your recovery and feel your best!

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What is a Dr. Deb-ism?

Dr. Deb’s patients vary greatly in terms of age, culture, lifestyle, income, and personality. The one thing they all have in common is their appreciation of this particularly special Doctor. She gets to know her clients and genuinely cares about their lives. In fact, something that keeps coming up in conversation is how Dr. Deb has her own personal brand of advice. “She has little helpful things to say about anything that is going on in my body and I just love that!” We in the office hear this a lot. So much so, that these statements are usually followed with the type of advice just delivered. As a tribute to these quirky, consistent, and all too true wise-isms, we have formed a list for you to enjoy and refer to, yourself.
Remember to…

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Welshons, Exactly.

We don’t believe in pain. Our goal is to ensure an individualized treatment specific to the person; relieving symptoms such as headaches, neck pain, unwanted tingling in the extremities, sciatic pain, lower back pain, and much more throughout the entire body. This is more than a pop and go chiropractic shop. We listen to you and communicate with your body in a way so it can get what it needs to be well.

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Call to schedule an appointment or send us a message through the contact form on our website so we know when to expect you. Please include your preferences with regard to time and day and we'll do our best to make a little room for you.


Derek G.

Dr. Deb, Thanks for all your help over the years. I finally listened to you a few months ago and really made the effort to drink the recommended amount of water. I needed to change something if I was going to change my inability to "hold" adjustments. You recommended the hydration option first, and it just took a few days to realize that you are right! I'm feeling better now every day, so thank you!

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Katherine K.

Dr. Welshon's has been putting me back together for a few year now. I have an autoimmune inflammatory disorder and need both knees and my left hip replaced. She's enabled me to reduce and then ELIMINATE the need for narcotic painkillers. It's a whole body approach in their office and she really does care about mind and body. She's improved my quality of life significantly and I recommend her office to anyone seeking a caring and compassionate doctor.

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Tamara Mahon

Dr. Deb always knows how to fix me up. Whether some time on the roller table, massage chairs, stem, ultrasound, massage, or just an adjustment, I always leave feeling refreshed and "put" back together.

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D’Alexander Davis

Dr.Debbie and her staff over the years are the reason my body is still in one piece!!! With all the contact sports I've played it is important to keep the self maintenance in your schedule. And on top of all of that she has helped me strengthen my knowledge as a trainer by teaching me after every session. Best Chiro in Sac!!!

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