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We have been providing our customers, in and around Carmichael, CA, with superior, full-body adjustments for over 10 years! Our healing hands have worked wonders for variety of clients – personal injury attorneys, individual patients, amateur, collegiate, and pro athletes from all major sports - and provided the personalized care to help them return to total wellness. Through our experiences, we’ve taken our talents and capabilities to new heights of success and implemented the most comprehensive care using the most up-to-date practices and technology.

From day one at Welshons, we have wanted to treat every source of aches and pains with fast, friendly, efficient, service to end incessant discomfort. We ensure a specialized treatment; relieving symptoms like headaches, neck pain, unwanted tingling in the extremities, sciatic pain, lower back pain, and much more throughout the entire body. Our use of ultrasound, electric and passive stimulation therapy, and mechanical traction are unrivaled in our industry and have made Welshons a trusted name in total care.

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