What is a Dr. Deb-ism?

Dr. Deb’s patients vary greatly in terms of age, culture, lifestyle, income, and personality. The one thing they all have in common is their appreciation of this particularly special Doctor. She gets to know her clients and genuinely cares about their lives. In fact, something that keeps coming up in conversation is how Dr. Deb has her own personal brand of advice. “She has little helpful things to say about anything that is going on in my body and I just love that!” We in the office hear this a lot. So much so, that these statements are usually followed with the type of advice just delivered. As a tribute to these quirky, consistent, and all too true wise-isms, we have formed a list for you to enjoy and refer to, yourself.
Remember to…

  • Drink your water!
  • Stretch well before you exercise!
  • Help your joints by keeping warm!
  • Try taking some local honey to help with the allergies this season!
  • Get plenty of rest!
  • It’s angry with you… (when adjusting a particularly grumpy joint or extremity)
  • What did you do to yourself?!
  • Just say, stress, no thank yoou!
  • Take care of yourself!